Are you still confused about whether or not you should get the subscription from Vimeo? This article gives you a comprehensive yet multiple reasons on why you should try out subscription today. Vimeo, Inc. is a video streaming, video hosting, online video sharing, and other video related service platform and a huge company based in New York City, USA. Vimeo aims at delivering elevated quality in all of its video that is compatible to a variety of smart devices. 

Here’s what you need to know about that can give you various reasons on the basis of rational facts on why you should try out vimeo app.

  1. Compare Hosting Plans

Here you get to host videos whether you want to organize an online event for your company or want to do some planning with your friends. This platform helps you host and share videos online with your acquaintances.

  • Join Vimeo Plus

There are different tier options for everyone and is made for the purpose of affordability for everyone. The top-tier is now at 25% off for all customers.  Unlock a year of unrestricted streaming videos and online conferences, as well as video creation, uploading, monitoring, and more for a limited time.

  • Video Hosting Made Simple

This platform offers the accepted practice for hosting web videos.

Even from the Vimeo webpage, you can store, upload, manage, and publish your videos here. Moreover, you will never run out of storage space. Vimeo provides a storage access to 7TB of capacity, which should be enough to hold 600 independent films, or one extremely lengthy live event.

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  • Upgrade to Vimeo Pro

A cutting-edge, quality driven online video platform with an access to Vimeo Pro that offers you free controls over several vimeo video options. You can change the color, add your brand identity or logo, or you can also use other control options as per your requirements, with an access to Vimeo’s great quality, speedy, dependable HTML5 video player. Get now!

  • Start Selling Your Videos

All is possible at Vimeo. Here, you can join the talented creators’ community. They create content and sell them. Yes! That’s true. 90% of the cost that you’ve made with your content will be transferred to you. Also, you can select the region where your videos will be watched as per your convenience. Just subscribe to and create a custom plan to set your own price at Vimeo.  

  • Home for High Quality Videos

Vimeo is not only about this, you can also stream into your fav shows, documentaries, movies, series and so much more here at their streaming platform. Now you can make your free time worth it by binge-watching into Vimeo. Download the Vimeo app and get access to a user-friendly and a convenient interface. So, if you are looking for any platform that can show you high quality videos online, then this is the right place for you.

Contact Vimeo’s great customer support with kind and incredibly smart & knowledgeable support team of representatives, who are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.