If you saw me a year ago you would see me as a skinny and weak teenager. After being consistently body shaped and people making fun of me I decided to hit the gym. Gaining weigh has always been a difficult task for me, since my childhood I had a huge appetite for food but never was I able to gain weight compared to my peers. Even when I grew older the situation remained the same. While searching online for nutrition options I came upon Muscle Foods Discount Code which really caught my eye. I visited their website and stared to explore it which ignited my interest to start focusing on my fitness.

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My journey was not easy but I would have not reached the level I am at today without my hard work and dedication. Initially eating 3000 calories a day was difficult task for me in this situation I had a lot of help from muscle foods as I purchased mass gainer from Muscle food using their Muscle foods discount code. With help from the mass gainer I was able to gain 6kgs in a matter of 2 months which ws great progress but let me tell you it was not because of gyming only but because my commitment to my diet plan.

It is important to note that when you are bulking or gaining weight lifting weights is just 30% of your effort, the main thing is your diet if you are not serious about your diet you will not be gaining weight. Diet is a very important aspect when it comes to fitness, if you don’t know what you should have you can explore Muscle food website and look at variety of options to choose from. If you need any advice you can always hit their customer service up and ask about the products that will suit you regarding your fitness goal.

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